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Who We Are :
GeneTech is a medical biotechnology company dedicated to promote use of modern molecular technologies in the field of clinical diagnosis. The major thirst of the company is to establish PCR, Real Time PCR and FISH as powerful, rapid, accurate and cost-effective diagnostic tools to the healthcare professionals in Bangladesh. These technologies can be applied for the diagnosis of infectious disease, cancer, genetic disease and population screening to assess risk of disease or to predict response to drugs. These technologies also have application in forensics, food testing, and environmental testing, including bio-warfare and bioterroism. GeneTech markets its products and services to clinical diagnostic, academic, agriculture, veterinary and forensic laboratories in Bangladesh.

What We Do :
GeneTech provides complete, single-point technological solution in the field of molecular diagnostics; Establish Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory on turn key basis; Supply and install and commission high quality instruments; Optimize PCR Procedures; Training Lab Technicians on Molecular Tests; Continuous Technical Support and 24-hours on site trouble shooting service. GeneTech offers a broad range of PCR & Real Time PCR kits, reagents, primers, probes and automated systems to streamline and standardize molecular diagnostics. The automated systems are designed for high throughput at a low cost of ownership, providing ease of use and maximum flexibility. GeneTech promotes importance and usefulness of molecular diagnosis to clinicians, physicians and other heathcare professionals by organizing seminars, symposia and workshops.

Our Strength :
Scientific Knowledge is our base and technical know-how is our strength. GeneTech is comprised of a team of accomplished biomedical professionals and cutting edge technology to offer total solution for molecular diagnosis. The team is headed by skilled PhD scientist having in-depth knowledge and practical experience in clinical applications of molecular technology. The team members have several years of training and work experience in USA and Japan. The team is supported by high caliber sales professionals and engineers and a distributor network in the major cities of Bangladesh. Over a short period the company has built a strong name, a large customer base and an efficient distribution network.

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